What is the full form of MP3 & MP4?

MP3 song will be in everyone’s mobile and you will watch MP4 videos daily but do you know what MP3 full form is? And what is MP4 full form? Probably not because 90% of the people do not know about it and try to learn it.

But if you are interested to know what happens in mp3 full form and mp4 full form? So this dream of yours can be fulfilled today and Articlesocean in this post you will get answers to all the questions related to MP3 and MP4 that you want to know about.

Along with listening to songs and watching videos, we never think why the song is in MP3 and why video plays on MP4 only mobile? But if you are interested in technology, then it is very important for you to know this. You will get complete information about all such technology on Techyukti and will know today

What is the full form of MP3 & MP4?

If you want to know about the full form and meaning of these two, then you must first know what is MPEG? Because both MP3 and MP4 are connected to it. The audio and video compression technology help to make raw files listenable and viewable. The videos you save 100MB on mobile are possible only because of MPEG.

What is MPEG?

The full form of MPEG is Moving Picture Experts Group This working group which ISO and IEC manage makes audio and video compression standard. There are many levels and profiles in this standard, in which different types of compression and transmission techniques have been made.

MPEG-1: Here is the first audio and video compression technique that was started in 1993, also known as the lossy file format and was designed to encode the audio and video file in Compact Disk (CD) bitrate. And move. Its most use is of low-quality DVD and Video CD.

MPEG-2: This is the second version of MPEG in which both video compression and transmission technique has improved and low-quality audio and video files have reached broadcast-quality television. It came on the market in 1995 and since then Dish Network, Blue-ray video, and digital satellite TV services started.

MPEG-3: This is the third version of MPEG and we also know it by the name of Layer III, it was made for some other compression but then the logo got something else in which we know today as MP3.

MPEG-4: This is the most advanced technique and so far it is going on in which many compression algorithm techniques is used so that we can compress very big audio and video file in a different format.

MP3 Full Form:

The biggest question is what does MP3 mean? And what is M, P and 3 in it? Must have seen many formats of video, but the most popular format for music and song is MP3 and in most smartphones this format supports.

A lot of people come up with different meanings, some call it multimedia protocol and something else, but today you understand that the full form of MP3 is MPEG layer III.

MP4 Full Form:

The video format has seen many of its own and smartphones and computers also support different formats, out of which the most popular and best are MP4 and nowadays it is used the most.

It is part of an advanced video encoding and through this compresses very large video files and converts small files to format mp4. Its biggest benefit is that by doing this, only the video size is reduced, there is no effect on its quality.

Friends, people know a lot about MP3 and MP4 and what is its full form? Very few people know about it, in such a situation, we made this post so that people can get the right information, hope you have understood. If you have any questions or suggestions about it.

Published on: 11/17/19, 6:46 PM