10 Best Blogging Niche Ideas | Start Your Blogging Career Now

If someone says that traffic can come to the website without writing content and without doing SEO? So maybe you will find a joke but today I am going to tell you about 20 Best Blogging Niche Ideas. From which without SEO, without content million traffic can be found and I will also tell you about some live examples of this.

You all know how much competition is there in blogging and if you want to have success in blogging then for this you will have to work hard and learn a lot and also have to choose the most profitable blogging niches so that you can earn money from blogging.

But there are also some blogging topics on which neither there is a need to do content research nor there is a need to do much better SEO. Just by giving your time, you can earn huge website traffic and earn thousands of dollars.

If you are not able to settle down by blogging, then perhaps these best blog niches 2019 will make icing on the cake for you.

10 Most Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas:

If we make a slight mistake in setting up a new blog or our goal is not decided in advance, we do not have planning in advance. So in the future, we have to face trouble by taking traffic and income.

So if you want to do blogging, then you have to prepare in advance for this and you will have to make better planning along with better blog topics. I am sharing my experience with the top 20 best blogging ideas here because today with But these are all the most profitable blogging topics.

1. Lyrics

There are many songs that we do not understand, mostly English songs and the rest of the latest songs of Lyrics keyword have 2 to 3 million organic searches every month and this is a very low competition blogging topic.

If you want, you can generate huge traffic every month by creating a blog on lyrics.

You can make lyrics on new old songs and publish on the blog, for this you do not even need to write content, you can copy songs from other websites as well. You just have to pay a little attention to content organization and SEO

2. Motivation:

In today’s time, the competition is high and that is why many people also demotivate very quickly, in such a situation, they need an inspiration dose and the number of such people is in crores. That’s why you must have seen a lot of traffic on both YouTube motivational channels and websites.

Websites like Hindisoch generate millions of traffic every month by publishing content on a motivational topic. If you also create a motivational blog and YouTube channel and publish content related to that success story, The motivational story then you too can get millions of traffic without much effort.

3. Quote

There are many categories of Quote, Motivational, Emotional, Inspirational, Love, Sad, etc. and millions of organic traffic comes every month, you must have heard the name of your BinaryQuote website, here more than 2 million traffic comes every month.

You can publish the quote in Hindi, English in which language does organic 500k traffic come on your quote website every month.

You can also create such a website and for this, you do not even need to find content, you can copy from anywhere.

4. Banking:

There are many people who do not know about small things like IFSC Code, Swift Code and thus there are more than 10 lakh monthly searches on a keyword.

If you have to do an online transaction, especially bank transfer, then its IFSC code should be known and it is different for every bank branch. In such a situation, people have two ways to call customer care or seek the help of the Internet. Most people take the help of the internet.

5. Wish & Greeting:

Diwali 2019 is going to come again, Happy new year 2019 will come and in the same way every month there is a festival coming along with the birthday, the anniversary of the people. In such a situation, not everyone has the idea of wishes and greetings and people resort to the internet for them.

There are 20,63,00,00,000 results on Wishes’ search on Google.

If you create content on this blog niche, then you will get many contents online from other resources and you can also modify them and publish them on your blog. The finished searches are so much, so you have to work on a little SEO, but with this, you will get huge traffic from Google.

6. Coupon:

How many people have made their company from Coupon websites like CouponDuniya, if a person goes to purchase anything online? So first of all, he definitely searches once about the discount coupon related to it.

A Coupon blog niche is the most profitable blog niche idea of this list because AdSense, Affiliate and Direct promotion can make money in all three ways.

7. Expire Domain:

There are many expired domains on which crores of traffic come, in such a way, if you create your website on those topics, then you can directly transfer their traffic to your website. Just like Tamilrockers is a keyword that has traffic in crores even today and whoever buys a domain with its name gets the same traffic.

8. File Converter:

Converting YouTube video to mp3, converting PDF to Docs are many document files that are converted from each other and there are more than 2 million organic searches monthly on such topics.

You can create a website on such topics and generate traffic without writing content, just you have to pay a little backlink and focus on social promotion.

9. Mobile Tricks:

There are millions of monthly searches on keywords related to Mobile USSD code, IMEI code, SIM operator code, Customer care number, and by creating a website on such a topic, you can bring traffic without doing hard work, just backlink to your website and do a little work on SEO Will happen.

Friends, these are 20 Best Blogging Niche Ideas on which you can get millions of traffic without writing content and without doing SEO. Using these topics, many people are earning thousands of dollars today and if you want, you can start working by investing a little bit. If you have any suggestions for this question, then you must write in the comment.

10. URL Shortner:

In any YouTube channel description, you can see that every URL will be in short form because if you want to share the URL somewhere, then the large URLs take up too much space and do not look good either.

Published on: 11/17/19, 6:50 PM