Insurance And Its Importance And Types.

Insurance is as useful for us as a medical treatment for a patient. It refers to insure our property or any asset whether tangible or intangible under a contract, Insurance act, 1938. If we enter into the contract of insurance then we can assure that our asset is safe now.
There are many kinds of insurance as follow:
1. Life Insurance
2. Health Insurance
3. Vehicle Insurance
4. Disability Insurance
5. Fire Insurance
6. Theft Insurance
7. Professional liability Insurance
and many more types of insurance.
Among these, health insurance is the most important for us. While keeping in mind the fact of polluted environment, we can easily imagine the health condition of our future generations and we are also not safe from this. We easily fall ill than a decade ago. Technology is on fire and increasing use of it makes the air more polluted. So, staying aware is the best precaution. If we would have a medical insurance, we will be financially secure to handle the situation. We have to buy packages on some terms and conditions by paying some mothly or yearly charges depending on the terms of package.
Life insurance makes our family secure about their future. If the working member of the family dies, in that case, the family can make their bread easily if the member had life insurance. A working member will always considers about the family and that concern is mandatory also.
A person, specially a middle class person, affords a vehicle after many hurdles. He/she has to make many sacrifices for that. So obviously, they will not allowed to let their vehicles go either by damaging in any natural disasters or by stealing. Vehicle insurance is must for them and is the best also. It provides them a security.
A man has no control over natural disasters. That's why a responsible person will always go for a fire insurance or theft insurance or any kind of insurance related to this.
In the end, we can sum up by concluding the fact that insurance helps us in many ways and we must go for it.

Published on: 7/27/19, 6:48 AM