True Face Of Education

We get our basic education from our mother. She teaches us how to speak, how to walk, how to behave with people and many more things which a teacher doesn't. However, a teacher has the highest peak of respect but a mother is the angel who loves us like nobody can't. She cradles us, handles us in our worst and console our sole with a magical hug. Now, if we talk about education, it is something which makes a person noble not violent. We go to school and learn new things. We met new people, new schoolmates, new friends may be for life, forever, new teachers, new school bag and a lot of things. When a child enters into the classroom for the very first time, he/she has no idea that what will be taught by teachers. He/she has a lot of confusion about it still works with excitement.
There are infinite numbers of students in the world who don't go to school for their basic education. They deprive of knowledge. They are too poor to attend the classes. Somewhere, population is the main factor for this problem. Many people donate money and study materials for their study but they couldn't manage to go to school due to poverty. Government does a lot but there are some mediators who are badly corrupt and unable to get the fact that it is their personal loss as well either directly or indirectly.
Children, who go to school and learn something are veey lucky indeed. They go there to achieve success for the future. But some children take it as a burden. They think that their school bag and books are burden and their teachers and family are their biggest enemies. They always keep an eye on clock when they study because they don't study by heart. They get less marks and when their parents and teachers scold them, they behave like they are the most innocent creature on the world. Indian education system is making the students idle day by day because they complete their masters and still don't get a job. There, education system is degree - oriented not job - oriented. On the contrary, Japan and America have the best education system and the literacy rate is very high in these countries. We should adopt some good factors of learning fron there education system. Our education system doesn't provide sex knowledge to the students due to which they take help from internet and learn the things in a bad way and these things lead to rape and sexual harassments. Parents compare their children with others which demotivate them. They have their own talent. Some parents decide their child's future like which subjects should be chosen by their child still they expect high score. How can a child do that things which he doesn't want to do? This is the worst aspect of education. In ancient time, there was nothing like this.
Firstly, students should love what they do, with a burden they can't do anything. Happiness should be the main motive to get knowledge. We are lucky than those who can't see, who can't hear, who can't walk and who have nothing to eat. So, first thing is being happy than getting the marks.
Education makes a person sincere, calm and helpful. Knowledge never goes into vain. We should never show attitude instead we should distribute and share our knowledge with others so that we would be able to raise in a society that has knowledge.

Published on: 7/28/19, 11:32 AM