How to make money with quora | Quora ad Monetization Program

Just as everyone’s common man knows about Facebook, similarly everyone knows about Blogger Quora. The website is the best quora yet to generate traffic and to earn money selling affiliate products. But we will not know about earning money or getting traffic from an affiliate, today we will talk about Quora Advertising Program, about the monetization program,

AdSense network is considered to be the best platform for monetization between Hindi and English bloggers. No one thinks of any other monetization program besides this. But Quora is a platform where you get more traffic from the blog on a relevant answer like you might be seeing in Figure No.1. Before knowing about Quora Partner program, we know about it.

What is Quora?

It is a Question-Answer website and the 81st best popular website in the world. According to the latest report of Ahrefs, Quora ranks more than 7 crores 20 lakh organic keywords on Google.

There is more than 12 crore 30 lakhs Organic Traffic and according to this, the value of its traffic is 5 crore 43 lakh UDS, which is much more than the thinking of a blogger. Till some time ago it was just a normal community where anyone can ask any type of question and anyone can answer any question.

In the Quora community, you will get an answer to every question that you want to ask a question about. Here you will get answers about everything from Technology to Finance, from Healthcare to Medicine and whatever topic you can think of.

Quora was first made public in 2009 and the two people who made it was Adam D’Angelo, Charlie Cheever, both of whom previously worked on Facebook. Like all popular computer science companies in the world, it is also an America based company.

Benefits of Quora:

This website is beneficial for every person who wants to know the answer or opinion of different people on a single question. We are already talking about its income partner program, so we will know about its benefits according to the blogger.

Blog Branding:

Not only blog, if there is any business, then you can reach it to millions of people and give information about your brand, but this will also increase the popularity of your brand and increase online reputation.

Unlimited Website Traffic:

More than 200 million unique visitors come to Quora every month and the biggest joy of this traffic is that it does not belong to the Quora website itself, this traffic is on the question-answer of the people in such a way, if you also write better answers If there are millions of visitors on your website.

Sell Product:

If you have ever opened this website, then you must have seen that many product reviews are shared with Hindi, English in 19 languages of the world, whose review has given the buy link of the product below.

Services Promotion:

There are many companies and blogger that provide services like web development, SEO, designing, video making, quora are the best platform for them for lead generation because it ranks first with rich answer feature on Google and when customers When searching such a company on the internet such as the best CRM development company in India, they get quora first.

Is Quora available in the Hindi language?

Generally, if you open this question-answer forum then the English language appears in front. In such a situation, those who are Hindi bloggers or who want to answer questions in Hindi, they stop it.

But let me tell you, both Quora website and App are also available with Hindi language and if you know only Hindi then you can answer in Hindi and ask questions.

How to Join Quora?

If your account is not yet created on quora, then you are not eligible for quora monetization partner program, so you must first create your account on quora,

There will not be any kind of signup option here to create an account, only a user can log in in it in 2 ways.

Whichever of these two accounts the user can log in using any one of them and create their own profile.

What is Quora Partner Program?

This is a kind of monetization program as happens on all other ad networks. The way we can apply for AdSense only after having a blog, YouTube or Mobile App, in the same way, a user must have a quora account to join this partner program.

Right now this revenue monetization feature is not open for all Quora member, the main reason is that there is no form or link to apply for it. This program has already been started in a hurry.

Therefore, the Quora team wants to be given only to the member who is completely worth it. Therefore, it is being sent to the member by mail invitation.

If you want to join this program, then for this you have to improve on your Quora account and you can make it with the help of these tips.

Friends, if you follow these tips properly, then at some time thousands of millions of views will start appearing on your answer and question and after a few days you will come in the eyes of the Quora team and you will be monetization with Quora partner program.

Published on: 11/17/19, 6:34 PM